What is the Best Paint Sprayer for Spraying Chalk Paint


homeright c800766Chalk paint is a fantastic finish for furniture and other items, and widens the horizons of what we can do in our home with DIY or craft projects. It is thick, and it can be tough to get the flow of paint right if you’re using a sprayer, so we’ve compiled some information and short reviews to help you choose a sprayer for chalk paint. One of the most effective paint sprayers for projects using the chalk variety, would be the brilliant HomeRight Finish Max Pro Paint Sprayer.  It comes with long hose and this sprayer is very handy to use and makes your work seemingly effortless. You can use this sprayer to paint all sorts of craft projects using both other varieties, and of course, chalk paint.

One of the possible questions before starting the work would be “How do you choose which spray pattern should be used?” The simplest way is to test the flow and pattern out on a piece of cardboard. If you want to spray horizontally the nozzle should be positioned horizontally and if you want to spray vertically then the nozzle must be positioned vertically (common sense, I know). When you are using this sprayer, you just have to make sure you just don’t just keep it in one place as it may start dripping, so keep it moving. Most of the time you’ll be wise to thin chalk paint with water and you have to ensure that it is in the correct consistency. If you put too watery of a paint it may drip and if you put too thick of a paint it will get clogged. You have to get probably around 30 seconds for the viscosity. The instruction manuals can also help you understand how exactly you need to thin the paint but it isn’t rocket science at all. After you have thinned, you have to pour it into the spray drum and attach the spray gun to it. One of the reasons why HomeRight Finish Max Pro Paint Sprayer, also known as the C800766, is very effective for using chalk paint is that the spray gun, nozzle are very nicely designed to deliver good results.

HomeRight Finish Max Pro Fine Finish Sprayer provides two separate spraying patterns for close control and precise spraying. The product life is extended and performance is enhanced through special features such as Brass Needle and Housing. Chalk paint flow can be regulated on the spray gun by altering the controls and you have a manual to help talk you through how to make these changes on your model.

Once you are done with the job, it is time to ensure the cleanup is completed with minimal fuss. Although it comes out very easily, remove the hose with care because there may well be remnants of your paint in the hose. Just drop the hose in a warm soapy solution of water. The other part of the system can really easily just be wiped clean with a rag. The container, nozzle and cap can also be washed in warm soapy water.

We wanted to provide you with an alternative to look at too, and though a little more expensive, the Graco Truecoat sprayer Pro II is another exceptional sprayer for projects that need chalk paint. It helps to get professional results easier and faster. It boasts an amazing thirty times the pressure of other sprayers, Truecoat sprayers normally don’t need thinning of materials and will give you a smooth even finish in just one coat. When it comes to speed, Graco Truecoat is so much faster than brushing or rolling. The spray settings can be adjusted specifically for projects that use chalk paint which makes it a perfect choice for us here.  The easily replaceable parts using simple components makes it a desirable sprayer that can last for an extended period of time. It works very well even for very thick “Chalk Paint” that is used to refinish furniture with as close to zero overspray as you’re likely to get. The Truecoat pro is designed for ease of use, and can be a wonderful choice for those of us who do a lot of spraying.

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