Neiko® 31215A Air Spray Gun Review and Features


neikoThe impressive and pro looking Neiko 31215A Air Spray Gun will truly prove itself to be a value addition for professionals and home DIY lovers alike, as it can easily plough its way through a wide range of projects with professional results. It can work well for users who need to spray paint on furniture, wooden panels or structures or metal. This sprayer works best with medium weight paints. If you prefer a spray gun that includes a pump then this may not be the right one for you because it needs to be attached to an air compressor to do its business, but that isn’t a problem for most of us, and air compressors are relatively simple to get your hands on. Experienced users can take advantage of the features that enables them to randomly adjust spray patterns, nevertheless beginners may not be able to make use of this feature without adequate experience. Though it can help you work on variety of painting projects, it still has limitations while working on ceilings.

The gunmetal nickel coating on the spray gun makes it even more durable and resilient. It also comes with a 1.7 mm nozzle, a cup and a very handy pressure gauge. The aluminium cups are chemical resistant and the quantity of material that a cup can contain amounts to 20 ounces approximately. It has a valve using which the air pressure can be regulated. It is an ergonomically designed sprayer system which means it won’t hurt your hands even after prolonged use, and makes spraying enjoyable and uncomplicated. Users get precise control and extra comfort through the pistol grip. 40 PSI is the operating pressure and 10 PSI is normally the pressure when it is at work.  The nozzle is corrosion resistant because it is made using high quality stainless steel. The work surface is safeguarded from dust through the internal filter which collects any unwanted particles or anything which may have got into the paint.

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To be able to use Neiko 31215A Air Spray Gun efficiently, it is really useful to have some experience in using High Volume Low Pressure (HVLP) spray guns. But it can’t be classed as very difficult to use this system when you do not have significant experience in using HVLP spray guns. Though you can get this product for a cheap price, it may not be the best option for users without any experience. So if you are newbie it is safe to opt for more beginner targeted guns rather than these spray guns. It works great to accomplish finishing projects such as kitchen cabinets, furniture etc. but these aren’t the only uses. Since the system produces consistent pressure through the pressure gauge feature, it helps to result in even coating throughout the spray. This system is super straightforward to clean, though the manufacturer has not provided instructions on clean up, it’s easy to do with a little common sense and DIY lovers will know what they’re doing.

The spray patterns of the 31215A are generally nice as the gun has a really easy to use knob to control spray patterns based on your own preferences. It works great but sometimes the spray is slightly narrow. Though the features offered are not the same as some of the other amazing models we’re seeing pop up, and it has some discrepancies, it is not a bad choice, especially when you look at the price compared to many expensive spray guns in the market. It is a good option for the price, especially for experienced users, and is recommended by us here at paint sprayers guide.