HomeRight C800766 Finish Max Fine Finish Sprayer Review


homeright c800766It seems only right that in the modern age we don’t rely on outdated methods to paint our homes, furniture and anything else which needs it. The best technology has brought us so far is a sprayer, and they do a very effective job. The HomeRight C800766 is one of the best out there, and we have a full review for you today to check out whether this might be the one for you.

This sprayer goes way beyond normal, traditional brush painting and is designed to have the ability to get right into the corners and awkward spots like none of its competitors can manage. It is in this regard arguably more efficient and effective than any other sprayer in the market, and can even save you on paint by working more evenly – it may only require three or four gallons instead of five to do just as good a job.

This product also features a measuring cup that measures thickness of the paint it is using. In my experience it is best practice to have a small brush ready to hand because when you are new to using it in case you over or under-spray, you can still do touch ups and balance it out with a brush. Based on the directions given in the instructions, you have to kickstart spraying, then spray it across and then stop. You have to hold it at more or less the right distance in order to ensure that you don’t spray outside of the desired area, this takes a little practice but won’t be too difficult to master. If you want to have a horizontal pattern, you have the option to do that with this product. Similarly you also have options for vertical and it can even do 45 degrees with ease. When you have to spray on the side supports or unusual surfaces it may well need you to use a 45 degree angle and you can quickly do it with this sprayer, something not all of them offer. Another tick in the box of the HomeRight C800766.

This comes with a brass tip and as we’ve mentioned, the different spray patterns. It is well suited for thin materials. I tried using this on couple of decks and it reduced the time really significantly while other sprayers would have taken much longer time. It is user friendly and even first timers quickly get to grips with it.

This is a professional product, which gives an edge to your painting that you won’t get without hiring in. It’s amazing whether you’re a decorating professional or just a DIY enthusiast.

Since the type of spray you get dictates the sprayer as to the position of the nozzle, it is very important to adjust as such that you get the spray as you are looking for and not one of the others. The manufacturer of this product recommends that at first you experiment with the nozzle positions to try and find out which out of these works best for you. The tube that draws the paint into the sprayer, can have two different positions. It can go to the backward position which is amazing for spraying upwards such as the ceiling or if you’re holding above head height as it can easily grab the paint that way. The tube can be set in a forward position if you are going to be spraying upright as well as downwards. There is also a tiny knob with max and mid options that helps you to set the pressure depending on what you need.

The cleaning afterwards is also pretty easy. You can easily pour any excess back into the container, fill the rest of it with cleaning materials, screw it on and spray the liquid into a bowl or old bucket for a matter of seconds which clears out the mechanism after which you can open it up and you will find it as good as new.

I think it is a solid buy especially for first time users – it is very easy to set up and it’s not complicated to use. Overall a great sprayer with impressive features, it is good value for money and it can even save you cash in the long run by reducing your paint costs.