Guide: How to Clean a Paint Sprayer After Painting


Wagner 0417005After use it is super important to thoroughly clean your paint sprayer to ensure its longevity and that you can use it again without remnants of the last paint you used interfering. Are you looking for tips that will assist you in cleaning your paint sprayer? Then, there is no need to look further. In this short article, we are going to tell you how and what to do. At the end of the day, your sprayer should be running clean and ready to live another day.

Before getting started it is super important to note that individual sprayers have their own specific parts and methods of both use and cleaning. DON’T ignore these. Make sure you check your instructions for any specifics about how exactly you are meant to clean your sprayer as some models will have really useful info. The tips below will help you, but each model will have its own prerequisites.

Using a paint sprayer can be an eye-opening experience especially if you haven’t used one before. One of the advantages of a paint sprayer is that it can help to finish your painting projects as fast as possible, and with a lot more ease than some of the old fashioned methods, plus sprayers have become cheaper and more readily available.

Painting your house and/ or car with a sprayer is far better than merely brushing and rolling. However, when you are done, the only real con is that you will need to clean the paint sprayer completely and absolutely inside and out.

Tips for Cleaning Your Sprayer

You’re probably going to need to disassemble the sprayer into its individual pieces, which shouldn’t be too difficult, as many of them are delivered in individual pieces and its components are designed to be replaced (such as the nozzle) if needed.

When you are done with painting, the first thing you should do is to place the intake hose in a bucket of water, and wash it properly if it is latex-based paints. Also, use lacquer thinner if you just finished using oil-based paints.

Keep washing it until the paint sprayer becomes clean and clear, if there are any remnants of paint then unfortunately you’re going to have to go again.

While cleaning the paint sprayer, try to use a pair of protective gloves, this will avoid making a mess of yourself instead of the sprayer.

Flushing out the nozzle can be the most important aspect, and don’t underestimate how much water this might need.

Make sure you filter lacquer thinner with a pair of cloth rag, after which you can place the used thinner to its original container for future use.

There are different ways of cleaning it. Disassemble the gun, and ensure you fill the bucket or reservoir with few cups of paint thinner. Every part of the sprayer should soak very well inside the bucket to ensure that all of the paint washes away with relatively easy.

Use a paint brush and start scrubbing off the parts that were soaked in the bucket and still have signs of paint – this is a simple process, and it will go miles in removing all kinds of residue left over.

Finally, the used paint thinner can be filtered and put into its original container- all you need to do is to strain the substance with a clean rag. Keep in mind that the paint sprayer may not be properly cleaned if you did not filter the paint thinner. It is very easy to do so.


Paint sprayers can be cleaned effectively and efficiently if you use the right tools.

Cleaning your paint sprayer is not as difficult as some think, but it requires some element of care. Going through the process will serve you well in the future of using a sprayer, and if you’re a professional decorator it is even more important to ensure that your next project isn’t hindered by the residues of your last, and that your sprayer, nozzle and all, lasts for a long time.

If you buy any paint sprayer, make sure you read the manual very well; reading it will help you to make optimal use of it and this includes any specific tips to

Feel free to share your own tips below and ways you’ve managed to clean your sprayer effectively.

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