Wagner 0518080 Control Spray Max HVLP Sprayer review


wagner 0518080The Wagner High Volume Low Pressure Sprayer, known more commonly as the Control Max is available in amazon as well as other DIY stores and decorating suppliers both online and offline.  It has many great features, and comes with a couple of different cup options and a sprayer with options on it to give you the most control possible. This product has a ‘turbine’ type air supply and hose which is, incredibly, nearly twenty foot long, and it hooks to the gun. Basically if you are looking for something to shoot out Latex paint, then this is the one may well be an option you because the Wagner 0518080 Control Spray Max HVLP Sprayer has already garnered a huge amount of reviews showing just what a good option it is for big projects and spraying large areas.

How to Use It

You can find the on and off switch situated on the top of the turbine handle. When you want to control the pressure of the air that is released by the turbine, you can adjust it very easily with the help of a simple but intuitive dial. It is a good idea to lower the setting for materials with low viscosity and raise the pressure levels for high viscosity materials that are thicker. If you find that the spray level is excessive, then it can be lowered using the air pressure settings.

The air cap has ear like provisions which can be rotated to customize or adjust the pattern of spraying based on how you want it to be. In fact there are lots of types of air cap settings including a round pattern, a useful horizontal pattern and vertical pattern that can suit different types of project.  However caution should be exercised not to trigger the gun accidentally when you are attempting to get the air cap adjustments perfect for your session.  The trigger on the spray gun has a regulator which is used to adjust the volume of the material to be sprayed. If you are a newbie, it is a good idea to try using this spray on a piece of scrap wood or board prior to using it for the actual work because using the HVLP control spray may require just a little bit of practice, and you don’t want any errors to be on the finished product.

The target object on which the material has to be sprayed must be thoroughly cleaned before you actually start spraying to ensure seamless spraying and smooth, impressive results. The parts of the target area or object where spray is not required should be covered or wrapped up using a mask. In addition to having the target object clean, the area where you plan to spray should also be totally dust free so that you can reduce the chances of blowing unwanted dirt and dust onto the sprayed area and giving it a cheap, unprofessional finish. A vacuum or air compressor can get rid of these kind of little disruptive things.

It is very easy to clean by using a suitable cleaning solution. Latex materials can be cleaned using soapy warm water. Oil based materials must be cleaned using mineral spirts. Appropriate precaution must be taken not to clean the nozzle in the gun with sharp objects that can hurt the air hole. Also silicone based solvents must not be used to make sure the product stays in good condition. It should be operated with the air filters to prevent dust from getting into the main unit.


This is a very good sprayer to paint walls, shelves, wooden cabinets etc. And has a huge amount of options for the user, making it good for both professionals, and even those of us just indulging in some DIY at home. As well as being very easy to handle and once you know the knack of operating it, you will get the results you’re wishing for without too many issues.